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Conversion Maximzation

Do you have an online store? Are you spending hundreds or thousands of dollars each month on advertising trying to get customers to that store? That money could be going to waste if you’re not maximizing your site’s conversion funnel.
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Search Engine Marketing

Do you have an underperforming Search Engine Marketing (SEM) campaign? Do you feel as if the money you’re spending on Pay Per Click (PPC) advertising is going down the drain? Click Here Consulting can help!
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Search Engine Optimization

Search Engine Optimization, or SEO, is a set a of rules and best practices created to help your website get indexed by the major search engines. Knowing these rules and guidelines can be daunting, but not for the experts at Click Here Consulting.
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Living Social Site Down Since Tuesday, Did You Even Know It?

Living Social is barely hanging in there as it is but now they have to endure the reputation damage that their site outage is causing. This may be a blow that the struggling deals site cannot rebound from. All Things D tells us: The deals site and its mobile apps have been down since at […] from Marketing Pilgrim...

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